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The Little Known Raccoon Roundworm


Lately the New York City Division of Health reported two ravaging infections in kids in Brooklyn. One kid, a newborn, as of this writing, has extreme permanent brain damage. The other, a teenager, has loss of vision in one eye. What triggered such extreme, terrible condition in these youngsters? It’s called Baylisascaris procyonis, the raccoon roundworm.

Baylisascaris procyonis is a roundworm discovered in the tiny intestines of raccoons. They excrete the eggs of this parasite in their feces. The eggs can make it through in the atmosphere for many years under positive conditions. There could be millions of eggs lost by the raccoon, with high thickness in the feces as well as the dirt surrounding it.

The raccoon roundworm is pretty indiscriminate in exactly what pets it could contaminate; bunnies, woodchucks, squirrels, and also birds amongst others. Many times these animals get contaminated by getting the eggs in their fur as well as consume the eggs during brushing.

Humans likewise get contaminated by mistakenly ingesting eggs from the environment, from raccoon feces, polluted water or fomites. Raccoons commonly excrete in preferred areas called lavatories. Usual latrines include the bases of trees, increased forks of trees, fallen logs, rooftops, woodpiles and decks.

In animals and human beings, the eggs hatch out in the intestine and the larvae shift via the physical body. The 3 most typical illness symptoms are larval movements with the tissues, to the eyes (loss of sight) and also the main nerves (mental retardation). Young children and also persons with pica, (an abnormal desire to consume odd points like filth) and also those who are subjected to locations where raccoons excrete are most likely to obtain contaminated.

Therapy for this parasite is typically ineffective in protecting against fatality. If the therapy is started early enough, it could possibly kill the larva prior to it goes into the main nervous system. This disease can be very lethal and it’s a growing case here in Orlando,FL.   Here is an audio video that explains more about this disease:

B. procyonis is discovered in both urban and country settings. The frequency varies on geographical location. It is most typical in north areas of the United States as well as lowers in the southerly states, where it is rare or absent in raccoons in the Deep South.

Exactly how can you avoid this possibly deadly infection? According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention the complying with steps need to be followed:

o Prevent direct contact with raccoons – especially their feces. Do not maintain, feed, or adopt raccoons as pets! Raccoons are wild pets.
o Discourage raccoons from residing in as well as around your house or parks by
o preventing access to food
o closing off accessibility to attics and also basements
o maintaining sand boxes covered whatsoever times, (becomes a lavatory).
o getting rid of fish pools – they consume the fish and consume the water.
o getting rid of all water sources.
o removing bird feeders.
o maintaining garbage containers snugly shut.
o clearing brush so raccoons are not likely to make a den on your commercial property.
o Stay away from areas and also products that could be contaminated by raccoon feces. Raccoons normally defecate at the base of or in elevated forks of trees, or on increased straight areas such as dropped logs, stumps, or huge rocks. Raccoon feces likewise could be found on woodpiles, decks, roofs, and in attics, garage areas, and also haylofts. Feces normally are dark as well as tubular, have a pungent smell (generally even worse compared to pet or cat feces), and also usually contain undigested seeds or various other food things.
o To do away with eggs, raccoon feces and product polluted with raccoon feces should be eliminated carefully and also melted, buried, or sent out to a land fill. Care must be taken to stay clear of contaminating hands and clothes. Deal with decks, patios, and also other areas with boiling water or a gas flame-gun. (Exercise proper preventative measures!) Newly deposited eggs take a minimum of 2-4 weeks to become infective. Trigger extraction and also devastation of raccoon feces will certainly decrease risk for direct exposure and feasible infection.

How to Eliminate Raccoons From Your Community


Numerous households wonder if wild raccoons are dangerous animals. The fact is; they can be a potential risk depending on the scenario. Due to the frustrating boost of new housing developments and communities, raccoons have been indirectly forced out of their natural habitat. This causes a higher population of raccoons in residential areas. Raccoons are clever mammals and they have good memory. They know that suburban areas are easy sources for food, shelter, and more. Continue reading to learn the best ways to get rid of wild raccoons in suburban areas.

Discourage Raccoons from Entering Your Property

Raccoons are interested in anything they can get their paws on; they are very curious critters. If there is something in or around your home that will certainly attract wild animals, then you require an option. Raccoons are attracted firstly, to food. Many homeowners have outside storage areas, such as sheds, garages, barns, and bins. If things like pet food, horse feed, or any other type of food source is left in these places, raccoons will come searching for it. Leaving pet food and other edibles outside your home with most likely attract the local raccoon colonies. If you have a garden, then utilize animal removal products and other home remedies to prevent raccoons from taking your produce.

Conceal Garbage Cans from Raccoons

Another common habit that homeowners have is securing their trash the night before trash day. Yes, this saves time in the morning between preparing for work and making breakfast for the kids; but, it is not worth walking outside to a front yard filled with last week’s garbage scattered everywhere. Be sure to take your garbage out the morning of your scheduled trash pickup day. Raccoons are nocturnal and they go searching for food at night. Unsuspecting trash cans are many times their favorite targets. Raccoons remember this as a reputable and simple source of food; and come back, night after night, for more. They rummage through the trash bin, scattering garbage all over the driveway and neighbors’ yard. You can prevent all this by hiding the trash cans from the raccoons.

Wild Raccoons Can Be Dangerous

Attracting raccoons to your home can be potentially dangerous in some situations. Lots of people wonder, “Are wild raccoons are dangerous?”; and the answer is yes. If you are an animal owner, it can be a fatal situation for your pet and a raccoon to battle each other. Raccoons carry infectious diseases and can pass them along through their saliva or urine. If a raccoon bites your cat or dog, they can be potentially infected with multiple viral and bacterial illnesses, such as rabies. It is important to seek help right away if this ever occurs. Raccoons can also be aggressive at times, and attack a human if provoked. If there is a raccoon in your house or on your property, never aim to approach it or touch it. If it feels threatened in any way, it can bite or claw a person. Young children are also potential victims of raccoon bites and conditions.

Take a look at this video. Raccoons can be cute but can also cause you to catch a disease. Lately there has been an increase of these cases in the Orlando,FL area.

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Warning Signs of Raccoons

Raccoons can be both cute yet dangerous to your property. Some warning signs of some unwelcome guests will be the noise of little pitter patters of feet on your roof. In fact they may not be on your roof but in your attic. Raccoons typically will only seek shelter like this only if they plan to have an offspring. That’s right, these little rodents could be having multiple babies in your house and you don’t even know it. That is why it’s important to call us immediately.

These little critters can be dangerous with their claws and teeth. Don’t be mistaken from any cute videos you may see online if the animal has been out in the wild for a while then you should be very cautious. Those home cute videos are only made possible because the raccoon has been with them since birth and trained. Usually around the season of fall you will see many more animals moving around in Orlando,FL.

Here is a video explaining more detail: