Warning Signs of Raccoons

Raccoons can be both cute yet dangerous to your property. Some warning signs of some unwelcome guests will be the noise of little pitter patters of feet on your roof. In fact they may not be on your roof but in your attic. Raccoons typically will only seek shelter like this only if they plan to have an offspring. That’s right, these little rodents could be having multiple babies in your house and you don’t even know it. That is why it’s important to call us immediately.

These little critters can be dangerous with their claws and teeth. Don’t be mistaken from any cute videos you may see online if the animal has been out in the wild for a while then you should be very cautious. Those home cute videos are only made possible because the raccoon has been with them since birth and trained. Usually around the season of fall you will see many more animals moving around in Orlando,FL.

Here is a video explaining more detail: